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Vectorize Photos with Text and Line Art

In this project, I extract as much detail as possible from an average quality photo of a book cover and transform it into a scalable, transparent video overlay

Phase 1 |

Since this book cover is mostly line art and text, any of the common vector automation tools such as Adobe Express provide a good starting base. Below, you can click the image to download the original file in a new tab and view the pixelation and compression artifacts that will be fixed by converting this JPG into an SVG

Jurassic Park Book Starting Image

Phase 2 |

After the initial conversion, the most important vector pathways are now in place, however, there are also some additional artifacts created that may have been caused by scratches, dirt, general compression, or post processes

The data from the extra artifacts cause the SVG file to grow in size, so the next step is to bring it into vector graphic software such as Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer. Click the image below to download the oversized SVG file in zip format created from automation tools

Jurassic Park Book Second Image

Phase 3 |

In Affinity Designer, the extra artifacts are removed or merged into larger pathways. Since the photo was taken at a slight angle, some rotation and transform correction is also welcomed in certain areas

Once completed, the file size has been reduced by over 60%. Depending on the use case, this could be reduced more by continuing to reduce anchor points


Finally, the background is removed and made transparent for a stencil effect. Click the image below to view the final SVG in a new tab where you can zoom in and explore it in detail against a full motion backdrop

Jurassic Park Book Phase3
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