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Vectorize Render of 2D Character Art

I start with a rasterized rendering of a 2D character that I generated with stable diffusion and convert it into an SVG so that I can customize the colors and style quickly and easily

Phase 1 |

This cartoon style contains too many colors for an efficient SVG file so using conversion tools that have extended configurations for limiting color palates, stacking shapes, and disallowing non-scaling strokes will help balance fidelity and file size

Click the image below to view the original image in a new tab that will become a customizable 2D character as a scalable vector graphic


Phase 2 |

After converting the image using the additional restrictions, the retained detail still looks good and the file size isn't too large. This sets up a good foundation before bringing it into Affinity Designer or Adobe Illustrator for the final phase

Click on the image below to view the generated SVG in a new tab that will be edited and finalized


Phase 3 |

With some final tweaks using Affinity Designer, the character art can now incorporate many visual styles and color themes for quick variations whenever needed

Click the image below to view the final SVG in a new tab to explore the new style

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